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February 21, 2020

You need To Ask These Questions to Hire Any Right Concrete Contractor

If you are looking for the right contractor to do any concrete related work then you need to contact few of them to find out if they have really good experience in this job or not. The contractors shortlisted for further questioning must necessarily be licensed one. Do not consider those who don’t have any license to do such jobs.

Here is the list of questions that you need to ask for any concrete repair or any other jobs.

  1. Can you tell me your qualification?

You do not need any degree holder to carry such jobs however it is necessary to know whether he has undergone any training in his field of work. 

  1. How long are you working in this profession?

If the person is well experienced then he will not require any direction from you, he will rather ask you about your expectation and deliver the job accordingly. However minimum of 5 years of experience is must. Person with such experience will not do any mistake but deliver the job with minimum of wastage.

  1. When you have attended any training or seminar related to your profession?

It is important for you to know whether the contractor is familiar with the latest techniques related to concrete work or he has the modern tool that he can handle well or not. It is important to know if he has undergone any training within the last 2 years.

  1. How much experience have you got in the type of work being offered to you?

If you have any special kind of project then it is important to know how much exposure he has got in this kind of project. If he has done such kind of job before then you can expect better quality of output from him.

  1. What kind of insurance coverage have you got?

It is important that the concrete contractor must have right kind of insurance so that he can protect himself as well as your property if there is any accident or mishap while working in your project. This will give you a peace of mind otherwise it could be very risky for you to hire any contractor with without any insurance.

  1. Can you provide any reference?

Make sure that the contractor gives at least three references from where you can get proper feedback about his work conduct, professionalism and quality of work. You may also visit the place if needed.

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