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February 20, 2020

What to Look for When Hiring an Online Conveyancing Service?

There are many solicitors and conveyancers who provide a very poor conveyancing service. They are slow, don’t offer a personal service as well as totally inefficient. But how do you know, the next time you are going to hire a conveyancer is any good? There are some factors to consider to ensure that the conveyancing solicitor you want to hire can offer you a level of service you actually need. Read on.

  1. Make sure they are fully licensed, with full indemnity insurance.

Online conveyancers should be mandatorily by law be licensed with the concerned authorities. Always inspect that your online conveyancer bears some accreditation to their name. They should also have full indemnity insurance to protect you from suffering a financial disaster if there are any faults found in the leasing agreement or the title transfer.

  1. Make sure they are specialists in conveyancing.

The best residential conveyancing services have the solicitors that specialize in litigation, employment, divorce, family or commercial property. Moreover, if the solicitors can manage other aspects of law then they are a catch 22 if you need to ask them a crucial question. They are sometimes not available in their office or are present in court, and hence unavailable to attend to your query. Ensure that the online conveyancer should be a specialist in residential conveyancing.

  1. Make sure you can directly speak with your conveyancer.

Conveyancing is a daunting task in itself. When the process is ongoing, you will want to know who are you supposed to be in contact with and should be able to reach them, if you have any important questions to ask or need any other relevant information. If the conveyancing service provider lets you in direct contact with your solicitor or conveyancer who is handling your case, it is a good sign that the company is efficient. They should be able to take the ownership of the task, providing comprehensive and communication in a transparent way possible to keep you apprised of any sort of development.

  1. Other factors

Make sure the service is available to you at the lowest price for the overall service, provide you a free conveyancing quote with zero obligations to use that specific company. Another factor to consider is the ‘No Move-No Fee policy’ which states that if the deal is off the table, without any of your fault, you will not be liable to pay any bulls and no house to move into.

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