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January 26, 2020

What is the Difference between a Native Ad and Display Ad?

Display Ads

These are the ads that you can see in the online space. The primary forms of display ads were referred to as banner ads which were hyperlinked, image-based ads, sharable as a strip and located at the top of a site. As the web design became more complex, display ad were made with more shapes and sizes and included interactive elements, videos etc. And display ads today are simply a 468 x 60 pixel ad. They have low click through rates. But, as CTR is important, this cannot be encompassed as everything. Display ads are still considered as impactful when it comes to brand awareness as a part of digital marketing services. Performance marketers utilize them as an essential part of their online campaigns.

Native ads

These ads occur as a component of web design and flow they are located on. Instead of being separated out as an obvious selling ad, these ads are prone to have an editorial look with an approach of softer selling. These ads usually appear as sponsored posts in various social media platforms’ news feeds, also as listing in the search engine results and on suggested content by content discovery platforms. If you are looking for native ads services in Singapore, you can hire SEO agency Singapore.

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