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February 21, 2020

What Do You Know About Hotel Linens?

Chances are that when you think of the cloth used in bedsheets or pillow cases, you will think of a common material such as cotton or polyester. While these are the most common materials used to make bedsheets and pillow cases, they are not always the most efficient. Cotton can take a long time to dry and in a commercial environment, such as a hotel, employees might not have the time to spare waiting for the cotton to dry. After all, the hotel has to ensure that the room in question is cleaned and prepared for the next guest as soon as the previous one leaves. This means that there is no room to wait for cotton to dry. Linen, however, is often used in hotels for many reasons, including how quick it can be to dry.

What Is Linen?

Linen itself is a type of fabric that is made out of the fibres of the flax plant. It is often regarded as one of the “world’s strongest natural fibres” as well. In fact, it is even used in some paper currency to improve the strength of the paper. This makes it perfect to use in a commercial environment. Its natural strength and thickness compared to cotton makes it extremely useful in environments where the linens will see a lot of wear.

When it comes to hotels, a blend of linen and cotton is commonly used in bedsheets and pillow cases. There are several reasons why linen is more commonly used in a place such as a hotel. Most hotels will have a stock of hotel linen supplies for many reasons. For instance, many of the natural properties of linen, such as its strength and durability, can be extremely beneficial for any environment where it will see heavy use. Linen is also good at retaining heat, making it useful to have as a bedsheet. Nobody enjoys being uncomfortably cold as they sleep in a hotel. Linen also absorbs water much better than cotton. In fact, it can absorb a significant amount of water before the linen begins to feel damp. In a place where messes and spills occur commonly, such as in a hotel or a kitchen, having linens can prove to be useful as well.

Why Use Linen in a Hotel?

When most people rent a hotel room, they are usually looking for a place to stay in an area that they are not normally in. This means that there is often some amount of travel involved. As most people know, a long day of travelling can be extremely exhausting and most people will want to take a quick nap once they arrive at the hotel. Nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised at uncomfortable bedsheets or a scratchy pillow case. When used in a bed, as most hotels do, linens can provide a soft and luxurious place for you to lie your head after a long day. Linen sheets, pillow cases, and towels can provide many benefits that will make any hotel stay more comfortable. After all, most people typically enjoy having a bed that they can sleep comfortably on during their stay at a hotel.

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