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June 3, 2020

What Are Listening Ear Services?

A listening ear service is an important function for many charities and organisations. It provides a private and functioning service for many vulnerable people, whereby an individual can anonymously, or otherwise, contact an organisation in order to talk through issues, log and report a serious incident, or ask for immediate assistance and guidance during a troubled period of time. A listening ear service provides much needed assistance for many vulnerable people, and with that in mind it is important to have an infrastructure in place that can cope with demand, especially at times of the year where greater numbers of vulnerable people are seeking help.

In the vast majority of cases, listening ear services are made available by charities and other organisations that assist ill and vulnerable people. They require access to telephone lines, web chat and other communication processes 24-hours a day, in order to be available whenever they are needed. If you are involved with the management of an organisation that offers a service such as this, it is important to have that flexibility and safeguard within your infrastructure that can help you cope with demand when it increases.

One way in which you can ensure there is always availability of phone lines is to employ a professional call handling service to assist you. With this, a contact centre can be highly trained in your organisations brand, ethics, protocol and script. When there is high demand for your service, or during planned maintenance, downtime, or out of hours, you can ensure the most vulnerable people who require your service, can still gain access.

There will always be certain times where your professional counselling services and other similar services are stretched, and the supply cannot match the demand. When this occurs you do not want phone lines to go unanswered, or for calls and queries to be answered but after a long wait. This can have a negative psychological impact on the caller. A call handling centre can take in calls and ensure that a caller is not left alone, in isolation and vulnerable without anyone to talk to. Even if it is a process where the call is held whilst someone more suitable is found for the caller, it can help to answer and to listen to the initial query or problem that the caller wishes to discuss.

The best professional services that can assist with listening ear services are those that take an in-depth approach to assisting your organisation. They will shadow callers in-house, look at the concepts, ideals and ethics in fine detail that your organisation works by, and develop highly trained teams that follow the script and the brand guidelines to the letter. With this level of control and analysis, you can ensure that your vulnerable callers are never left in the lurch, and that you have the flexibility and versatility to offer a service that assists 24 hours per day. It can make such a difference to those most vulnerable just to have that call handling assistance for a listening ear service.

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