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June 4, 2020

Think That Clients Are More Important Than The Employees? Read On To Feel Wrong

Here is a scenario. You open a new business, you promote it with your best efforts, your efforts pay off and your company gains popularity, customers come rushing and place orders, you get a huge number of orders, but you have unhappy employees; in this case do you think you will ever be able to deliver the orders on time or deliver them at all? Seems tough, right? What will happen then? What will remain of your company’s reputation?

In this day, where each and every market has a lot of competitors, retaining clients and keeping them happy is very important for any business. In order to give your customers a satisfactory experience, you need to have happy employees.

The employers are understanding the importance of keeping their employees happy and are increasingly putting effort into it. The companies are now understanding that it is not just a false claim and rather it can actually affect their performance and productivity.

Companies are coming out of the traditional thinking; a thinking due to which they would not even allow their employees to move around and leave their seats fearing that this will impact the productivity negatively. Almost all the successful companies today have done away with these traditional and excessively binding practices of the corporate world.

Why should you strive to keep the employees happy?

  • Productivity: In any business, profit matters a lot; of course the person has not invested that much into it just like that. And to earn profit it is necessary to increase the productivity of your company. If the company has employees who are satisfied and happy at the workplace, its productivity increases by leaps and bounds.

  • Employer brand: The employer brand of your company is very important if you want to attract the best of the employees in your company. Keeping your employees happy boosts the brand of you as an employer.
  • Retaining: In today’s competitive world, it is hard to attract the best talent in your company and once you do that it is important that you are able to retain the person. Keeping your employees happy helps you in retaining them.

  • Loyalty: If you wish that your company performs well, you need to have employees who are loyal to you and your company. Loyalty is something which is hard to earn and keeping your employees happy is a way to do it.

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