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February 21, 2020

The Importance of Brand Compliance

Compliance has become a central tenet of corporate strategy within myriad industries in recent years, and with good reason. Ensuring that your brand is compliant will help the company in both a legal and reputational sense, and it is better to have a strong brand compliance strategy, and regular audits of your brand compliance, than to only react in the future when called upon in a negative sense.

Compliance runs through many different strands of a company, from the behaviour of the corporate entity, to the communication between management and employees (and employees and customers), right through to the marketing endeavours and the way a company promotes itself to the outside world.

Why is brand compliance important for your corporate strategy moving forward?

Build a Strong and Trustworthy Brand Image

The reputation of your company is vital, and it has to be built from strong foundations and allowed to grow over time. Despite a reputation taking some time to grow and become a trustworthy image that customers can relate to and trust, it only takes one small mistake to quickly destroy a reputation. This is why you have to have a strong brand compliance strategy in place, to ensure that confidence from the public doesn’t falter through ignorance or poor management.

Brand compliance in this area will help you create strict policy guidelines for the way that your employees speak to clients and suppliers, how products and services are developed, as well as how the company talks about itself in marketing literature and promotions of any kind.

Short-Term Brand Gains

Through the implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns you can increase the positive image of your brand in the short-term. This does add to the longer aims of brand reputation as stated above, but with the right support from compliance guidelines it can increase your reach right now with certain promotions and projects. With short-term promotional materials it is vital that you adhere to governmental and industry regulations on certain products and services (depending on the sector your company works within).

A Clear and Cohesive Brand Identity

Compliance is also an integral part to creating a clear and transparent brand identity that will stand you in good stead for years to come and ties in with both short-term improvements in company image and long-term reputational needs and desires as mentioned above. Your brand identity relates to how the company sees itself, from broad strokes of future goals and integrity, to how the processes of the institution work on a day-to-day level. It is the responsibility of everyone within a company to work in the way that has been designed and implemented from above. To perform tasks in a different way to how you have been trained and instructed goes against the image of the company brand.

Compliance helps to create a strong core of values and work ethic across the board within a company, whether you are discussing reputation, image or identity. It helps to instil a sense of robustness that will assist a brand in growing ever stronger over time.

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