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January 26, 2020

Surplus Steel Material Is Great and Inexpensive Alternative in Different Projects

Surplus metal is an inexpensive option to costly new steel products. Steel dealers take surplus items like supplier overstocks as well as things designed from recycled products and sell them to buyers at dramatically low rates in comparison to prime graded products. Use of surplus metal is eco-friendly because it decreases the demand for new raw materials.

What is surplus material?

Surplus material refers to any kind of metal products, which cannot be vended as new or prime metal. It includes extra unused steel pipes from utility companies, recycled products, and leftover metal from job sites. Majority of surplus materials can be painted, welded, cleaned and cut just like new metal. Surplus steel pipes are not rusty and have been reconditioned to make them look appealing just like prime steel. Some materials can have minor defects or been altered or cut for specific purpose, so choose materials carefully. Surplus metal is a great option for many projects and you can save significantly.

 Examples for projects where surplus stainless steel is a great choice.


Steel gates are lightweight but strong in comparison to heavy wooden gates. Surplus material like pipe, channel, angle iron or tubing can be used to create a gate, so as to close a walkway through driveway, road, or fence.

Ranch or farm fences

Steel tubing, pipes or steel channels can be applied as strong fence post and combined with barbed wire, you can design a long-lasting fence for vast areas. It can be used to contain huge livestock like horses, cattle’s, goats and pigs. For small areas like enclosed pens which require increased strength surplus metal can be used to design the whole fence including horizontal bars and posts.

Home remodelling projects

Steel can be applied as structural support to torque a settling foundation or sagging floor. You can even use it to replace support wall or beam, while remodelling. Custom kitchen counter can be designed from surplus metal. Surplus pipes can be modified for utilizing in landscape edging, which acts as an ideal barrier against irritating crab grass.

Industrial applications

Surplus metal use in industries are countless. It includes to create barriers & temporary staging areas, build dock pilings, bridge railings, sign poles, fence posts, foundations, bulkheads, and more.

Car ports

Vehicles parked outside can be exposed to damaging elements, which can harm the cars finish. Garage is the best solution but is expensive and can be prohibited in some zones. Carport is a less expensive alternative. It is a simple structure having vertical surplus steel tubing or piping posts and tin roof for shade but is open on all sides.

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