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February 21, 2020

Six Personality Traits to Look Out for when Hiring a Receptionist

Good receptionists have personal qualities that help them bring something valuable to the table. If you are hiring a receptionist, you want to know the best traits of a good one. Although being agreeable is an important personal trait that a receptionist should possess, there are other traits that you should be looking out for. These include the following:


Good receptionists should be able to greet and speak with people from different backgrounds and cultures in a professional way. They need to be culturally sensitive and this can only be possible if they are open-minded. A receptionist who is open to people and ideas can solve issues creatively and make sure that customers are attended to in a respectful way.

Polite and Friendly

Being friendly is a personality trait that comes naturally to a lot of people. Those who have this personality do not need to try too hard. A great receptionist speaks with a smile, is resourceful and kind as well knows their limits. As receptionists must be on their toes, they need to possess these qualities so that callers or visitors will not feel unwanted.


Receptionists tend to speak a lot and interact with many people on a regular basis. They can only be effective at doing this job if they are sociable. A sociable person can handle any personalities and approaches their callers or visitors may use.


Receptionists take notes and record information. Although virtual receptionists just enter details into their systems, they have to be sure they get the exact information necessary to fulfill their tasks. Careful receptionists try to avoid making even the simplest mistakes since one mistake can mean losing a client or damaging the image of the business they serve. Hire a receptionist who has this personality at https://www.officehq.com.au/.

Can Control Emotions

Virtual receptionists know that it’s important to display appropriate emotions to ensure work can continue without any problems. Even if they come across a tough caller, they stay calm and work efficiently. This is the reason excellent receptionists have a higher emotional intelligence than others.

Can Empathize

Customers can have different kinds of emotions when calling in and a good receptionist must recognize such emotions and help them based on what the specific situation demands. For this, they need to empathize with the caller and walk in their shoes. The best receptionist knows how to handle customers with different emotions.

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