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June 4, 2020

Microsoft Azure – The Cloud Services to Meet the Increasing Businesses Needs

Microsoft Azure is created by Microsoft to deploy, build, and manage services and applications through Microsoft-managed global network of data centers. This is a cloud computing platform and the users can handle Azure services through Azure portal that is web-based. The portal permits users to modify settings, browse active resources, view basic data monitoring from the virtual machines that are active, and launch new resources.

The growth 

With the increasing businesses migrating to the cloud services, even providers aim for the top spot. Definitely, Microsoft Azure has made it to different places and now gains a lot in the cloud storage and the business worlds. The Microsoft was recently acclaimed to be the leader in Cloud infrastructure as a Service and also as Platform as a Service denoted by IaaS and PaaS, respectively. You can also go through the Microsoft Azure cloud services that are now the best fit for business. The Microsoft Azure pros include:


  • High Availability: The Microsoft Azure provides high redundancy and availability in the data centers. Owing to this Azure offers an SLA that is a service level agreement of 99.95% availability and keeping only 4.38 hours per year as downtime, something that is very difficult to achieve for most businesses.
  • Security: The focus of Microsoft Azure is mainly on the security and they adhere to the standard security model. They are associated with cyber security strong controls that Azure has achieved multiple certifications, and all confirm Azure as the best in IaaS security. This platform is highly protected and they offer user-friendly services to increase the protection offering application password and multi-factor authentication.
  • Scalability: This is the backbone for any cloud provider and Azure helps in this process. For instance, consider a firm running daily SQL reports using minimal compute power. While the last two days at the month end, there is increase in the report activity asking for more compute power. Here, Microsoft Azure makes it simple to scale compute the power down or up by merely clicking a button. The scalability structure helps the businesses by offering the flexibility such that they pay only for that they use.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Keeping in mind the IT budgets you can choose a cloud provider. The Microsoft Azure platform is really attractive as it allows pay-as-you-go. Thus managing becomes better and the purchasing is restricted to buying only as required. The cloud environment allows both internal apps and customer applications in the cloud, thereby saving the costs of infrastructure while the maintenance burden is reduced on the IT management in-house.


  • Requires Management: Azure must be managed and also maintained by experts, and this includes server monitoring and patching.
  • Requires Platform Expertise: Azure needs expertise to ascertain the moving parts work efficiently. With more businesses moving to the cloud their data, it may be tough to tract the provider suitable for your business. Though Azure ensures maximum efficiency, continued usage and seamless migration, it requires expertise knowledge to have an eye on the working.

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