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February 21, 2020

Learn Some Effective Ways to Boost Your Dealership CRM

CRM software offers a wide range of feature and services to its users. Not all of them uses it for the same purpose. To some it can help in making direct personal relationship with buyers, sale leads, and service customers, while others use it for enhancing customer engagement, retention and satisfaction. To maximize the full potential offered by an automotive CRM, there are a few tips that every business should know.

Integration with major tools

The right CRM would integrate with other partners, vendors, and clients as well. Options to access 3rd party tools for trade appraisal, marketing, F&I, that can simplify processes and provide you an upper edge over the competition. This remarkable tool is regarded as the best way to optimize profitability of a dealership.

Maximize engagement with campaigns

The proper automotive CRM software comes with the capability to automate, organize and synchronize all forms of customer communications across varying dealership departments. This feature of CRM software assists in driving service and sales through strategically aimed marketing campaigns. As it incorporates information that is distinctive to each individual customer, a CRM software is regarded invaluable in capturing and creating engagement among customers at each and every stage in the ownership lifecycle.

Maintain vital follow-up

A highly efficient CRM software can make a significant impact by performing doing all the much-needed follow-up for a business. Besides a nice gesture and a serving attitude, strategic follow-up is a highly expected behavior by customers. It is a significant deal-breaker in the purchase process of the vehicle when they fail to receive it on time.

Utilize relevant reports

Understanding and reviewing the various reporting abilities of CRM is the key to growth, efficiency, and profitability for sales and service. A robust system will assist in instantly generating an easy to read reports that show the areas of strengths and improvements.

Keeping your CRM clean

The greatest strength of CRM lies in its ability to deliver easy, and instant access to information pertaining to each and every customer. Powerful platforms need to analyze major data from the DMS and determine how many customers fail to receive communications. To ensure accuracy and deliverability, dealers must select a CRM that is updated on the consistent basis.


To business owners and GM’s, CRM represents a beneficial technological investment to convert more leads, cultivate lifetime customers, integrate business operations, via service and future sales.

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