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February 20, 2020

Getting the Best from Office Cleaning Services: Check These Tips!

If you own a small business office or are in charge of managing a commercial facility, you probably realize the importance of having a good cleaning service. Commercial cleaning companies have come a long way in the last couple of decades, and most of these services now offer tailored assistance to each client, keeping the competition in mind. In this post, we will talk about getting the most from an office cleaning service!

  • Check the estimates in detail. It goes without saying that getting an estimate for office cleaning jobs is a must, and most companies will offer the same without any obligation. However, what also needs attention is the inclusions of the cost. You need to check if the concerned company has included the cost of supplies, cleaning equipment and everything else that’s required for the job. Don’t shy away from asking questions with regards to the exclusions.
  • Ask for custom assistance. As mentioned earlier, commercial cleaning services now offer custom services, but it is also wise to know the extent to which they can work to your convenience. For example, some facility managers prefer to get the premises cleaned after work each day, while others prefer cleanup ahead of the office hours. The idea is to find an office cleaning partner, who you can keep your requirements on priority.

  • Insist on eco-friendly services. A lot of companies are now eco-friendly and green supplies for office cleaning and commercial needs, and that’s a good idea for businesses that are supportive towards making the world a better place. Green supplies can cost a tad more, and that different is worth paying. Please visit QA1CS London here for more details.
  • Make sure that the workers are trained and insured. Commercial office cleaning may involve tasks that have inherent risks. If the workers are not insured, any mishap may become your implied liability – think of medical bills for instance. When the workers are trained and experienced for the job, just mishaps and incidents can be reduced considerably.
  • Get a contract. What happens in case you are not happy with the job? The contract should mention the course of action in case of an eventuality. It also clears out the roles, jobs and responsibilities of the commercial cleaning company, which helps in settling disputes.

If you are new to a service, don’t forget to ask for references and do check what online reviews say about them.

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