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February 21, 2020

Common Types of Foundation Repair and How It Can Help You

No homeowner will like to hear bad news that there is some problem in the foundation of the house. However, if there is really any foundation problem, the earlier you resolve is better for you. If you respond to such problem quickly then it can be efficient as well as cost effective. There are many experienced contractors, who can resolve this problem. In this article, we shall try to provide few guidelines for foundation repair.

  1. Concrete piers

There are few house pilings contractors who use concrete piers in order to repair weak foundation. It is considered to be one of the most affordable option to solve this issue. Into the trenches, concrete columns are poured so that the existing foundation gets reinforcement. It is quite fast and straightforward method. 

  1. Concrete piling

Piers and piling are more or less the same and the difference is that pilings are generally installed under the existing foundation. Unlike piers they are not poured into the trenches. With this method it is possible to create stronger base for your house and it is not too expensive as materials are not very costly.

  1. Steel piling

Quite often contractors prefer to use steel piling where concrete is not too sturdy and the steel is resistant to general wear and tear and erosion. However, steel piling can be a costlier option and also may not suit for all kinds of soil or foundation.

  1. Mud jacking/slab jacking

Sometimes there can be few severe cases where foundation may be sinking very fast where some urgent action is needed. In such case, contractors will prefer to try pumping in supportive material underneath. By using polyurethane resin and concrete material it is possible to lift the foundation up. This method is applied for very serious cases only.

  1. Chemical/soil injection

In case, the foundation is susceptible because of water based erosion then this method can be applied, however it is used on rare occasion. Few water-soluble chemicals like ammonium salt and potassium ions are used. These chemicals are injected into the soil so that it can stop absorbing any moisture.

  1. Root barriers

Due to presence of trees often foundation of house may get into trouble as the roots of the trees extend up to the bottom of foundation. By using root barriers under the ground, the growth of tree roots can be impeded and its growth stops in the direction of building.

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