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Common Questions about Flange Spreaders

What are Flange Spreaders?

Flange spreaders also are known as flange splitters or flange separator is one of the flange maintenance tools used by the engineers. As the name suggests, these are used to separate flange joints of pipes.

What are Flange Spreaders used for?

It is one of the industrial tools that are widely used for pipeline construction, routine maintenance of pipes and for the replacement of valves or pumps that are either damaged or need to be repaired. They are very useful for separate or split joints that do not have gaps between them. Flange splitters are used not only for splitting or separating of pipes or valves but are also very useful for connecting the pipes in order to close the gap. They can also be used in order to cover up the gap or hold it together in order to avoid leakage. Industries dealing with plumbing work or gas oil heavily rely on these spreaders for their day to day jobs.

Are there different types of Flange Spreader?

Yes. Flange spreader are available in different styles, configurations, and designs. This helps to determine the usage of the spreader for various tools and different valves or pipes. There are 3 basic types of flange spreaders which are commonly used by industries.

  1. Expanding Wedge Flange Spreader
  2. Mini-Gap Flange Spreader
  3. Expanding Collets

Mini-gap and expanding collets flange spreader uses mechanisms that are mechanically operated. However, expanding wedge flange spreader uses a hydraulic cylinder or mechanically operated mechanism.

What should be considered while using the flange spreaders?

Each type of flange spreader has to be operated differently depending on its configuration and mechanism.

  1. While using an expanding wedge type of flange separator, one should use a minimum of 2 flange spreaders to ensure that the bolts and nuts are in place. Also, measuring the flange access gap beforehand will help you to determine the right one for the job.
  2. Before picking a mini-gap flange separator, determine the size of the joint you want to separate. Also, while using this separator, it is recommended that you ensure that the two joints that are to be separated are held at an angle of 180 degrees.
  3. Expanding collet type flange separators are used for joints that do not feature an access gap. They are also used to ensure that the flange face is not damaged. Selecting the right size of the collet is essential as it will help you get the job done.

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