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February 21, 2020

Beginning Your Journey as a Freelance Corporate Photographer? Here are the Tips You Should Follow

So, if you just left your 9-5 job to pursue your passion for photography, as a freelance corporate photographer, we have some tips for you to have a good start. Thank us later.

1.      Time is important

If you don’t prioritize your time throughout the entire process of business portraits photography or any niche you name it, believe us, you are not meant for this path. Just don’t be late to the gigs. Don’t take a lot of time replying to your mails. You should be aware of what questions you should ask about scheduling to ensure to have enough time on hands, so that you can dedicate and allot proper timings to everything, or at least you should be aware that how rushed you will have to be while the shoot is on. Under-promising and over-delivering from the shoot, for instance, if you say, it will take you two weeks, try to deliver in one, never deliver in three.

2.      The bigshot celebs are people too

It is quite easy to become star struck when you are directing or photographing celebs or executives for bigshot media corporations. One way of keeping yourself focused is to say to yourself that these celebs are people too, they are just like you, they have personal lives, they have families, and they have their needs and wants and are relying on you to make them look appealing. So, come to your senses, treat them like a friend, call them by their first name, be nice to them, and everything will work smoothly. See, if you are relaxed, they are relaxed too. No matter how bigshot these people are, treat them like an old friend and your photos will be amazing.

3.      Be a ninja

When you will grow yourself in this career, you will realize the importance of stealthy in corporate events. When you are hired for an event, usually, they want to know your presence, but they don’t want to see you, hear you, and smell you. So, be a ninja. Wear black colors. Try to be as quiet as you can. Wear soft shoes and use whatever quiet mode your camera has. Be gentle while altering lenses and prevent loud Velcro at all costs. If the shot doesn’t need a flash, don’t use it. Be like a fly on the wall, a silent ghost. Don’t over equip yourself when shooting. Crouch at the front stage rather than standing. Duck walk with perfection.

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