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June 4, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Identity & Access Management

By merging a high-end ‘Identity & Access Management’ system to your business is not only helpful in securing your data, but this will also enhance the operations. It helps you earn more revenue at the same time. A user management software is a game changer if you can use it rightfully. It’s more than just sticking a username and password to enter your system; if you know how to take the full advantage of the system, you can earn more by enhancing the security and streamlining the operations of your business.

Here some reasons for using the IAM in your business are discussed—

Attract more users

If you’re associated with B2B or B2C business, you must always be thinking of welcoming more traffic. For that, you can—

  • Create a killer social media or Google Ad. PPC ads also drive more users to your business.
  • From the first session, let the customers understand the value of your business. For that, if required, you should move ahead to configure the onboarding process.
  • You should audit your app to locate the places where you need to do some really good development to convince the traffic to retain.

  • For more conversion, keep your door open for the Single Sign ON or SSO as well as the social login- this is going to make a huge difference. You can expect more than 20% footfall.
  • But if you’re concerned about more security of your data, convert users to a great login system enabled with the identity & access management system.

Enable more security

As a matter of fact, now and then, we hear the news of data breaching. With the passing of time, it’s becoming a grave matter of concern for all the business owners allowing users to log-in. If you also have to do so, instead of SSO, opt for the identity management solution for applying another layer of security. It helps to stop the data breaching whether from your website or app.

You can convert the customers from SSO to identity management by integrating the enhanced security system.

Go with the flow

You shouldn’t go off the track when you’re a progressive business owner. Allow the users to log in with their social status, or by using the latest security protocol besides practicing the traditional way of logging in.

Opt for the passwordless login to follow the trends. The future of the Internet Of Things is going on a smarter tab for which you also have to go along with the flow to maintain your market standards and give a tough fight to the immediate market contenders. So, embrace the latest login styles and stay on edge!

Outsource your Identity & Access Management

If you’re a small business owner and find it challenging to maintain a separate IT department in your office, outsource the IT responsibilities along with the Identity & access management to a reliable service provider.

By outsourcing your identity management, you can secure your data. It’s how you can secure your data and enjoy more conversions.

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